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According to a findings by Pew Research Center, more than a fourth of American population generate money from gig economy.


Those interviewed revealed that 8 percent earned money through completing tasks for companies such as Uber or upwork. A further 18 percent earned their money through operating businesses on e-Commerce platforms.


Another report by McKinsey estimates that between 20 to 30 percent of the working population have at one time participated in the freelancing.


These two reports shows that freelancing is gaining a lot of currency. This shows that there is diversity within the this gig economy.


These new services sector is now blurring the boundary between informal and formal employment.


A large number of these online workers depend on the income they generate from gig economy. This work is seen as a hobby or a pastime activity as compared to a real job.


The blacks and Latino are the majority in providing services in the gig economy. It is also a common practice among young adults.


This income generated from gig economy is mostly used for paying common expenses in the household.  


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