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Political Campaigns In Kenya Enter the Home Stretch 

Political campaigns in Kenya have started, the politicians have been campaigning for a long time. It has been a lot of hard work. Waking up earlier, sleeping late and missing main meals during the day.

For presidential candidates, it involved travelling to all parts of the country. To the coastal, North Eastern, Western, Nyanza, Eastern and Central. It was a packed schedule. Leading to near physical and mental breakdown. This is the ultimate test for perseverance and persistence.

We witnessed stiff competition. Balkanization of the country into strongholds was real. At times when a candidate visits the others stronghold, it lead to jeering, disorder and sometimes violence. This is Africa where politicians have their kingdoms.

Internal competition

We have witnessed internal competition in the leading political outfits. In Mombasa County, Ali Hassan Joho and Hassan Omar both of NASA but of different affiliate parties displayed stiff competition between them.

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