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The Cabinet Secretary Professor George Magoha has revealed that only 1 in 10 doctorates awarded in Kenya is genuine.

This means 90 percent of post graduate students pay other people to assist them conduct research and write their thesis.

CS Magoha indicated that he has in the past come across PhD holders who cannot clearly articulate issues. This made him to wonder how these people graduated.

These sentiments were echoed by Prof. Francis Aduol (Chairperson of Vice Chancellors Committee) who also gave example of two applicants who applied for lecturer positions but did not have have understanding on how to handle emerging issues.

However, Kenyans are very bright and in the past reports by British newspapers “Kenyans have good English and low overheads.”

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This was explaining whuy most of the academic fraud is happening in Kenya.

The unemployed peoople in Kenya are the ones who write thesis for Masters and PhD students in the United Kingdom.

Working from home is also highly coveted by many people around the world.

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