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Nobel Laureate and former President for Costa Rica accused of sexual Assault

A psychiatrist and antinuclear activist is up in arms accusing Oscar Arias Sanchez, the former President of Costa Rica and Nobel Laurate for sexual assault. This happened some four years ago.

This is a #MeToo wave which has swept prominent men around the world. Now it is threatening to sweep away one of the leading statesman in Latin America.

The accused is currently 78 years old and he was nominated for Nobel Peace Prize in 1987 for his efforts to bring peace in Central America through ending civil wars.

Oscar Arias Sanches is still a popular and powerful figure in that part of the world. He served as President of Costa Rica for two terms and currently he manages a foundation which promotes ideals of democracy and peace.

The Accuser

Arias’s accuser is Alexandra Arce who is 34 years old. She filed a criminal complaint with the relevant authorities on Monday and now she wants justice to be served. She wants the powerful statesman to be charged with sexual assault.

Ms Alexandra had meet the former president on numerous occasions since he was a great supporter of her activism on nuclear disarmament.

In a 10-page statement she recorded for the prosecutors, she narrated that in the late 2014 she visited Mr. Arias at his home to have a discussion about the then upcoming event in Vienna. That is the time “he came up behind her, touched her breasts and shoved his hands up her skirt, penetrating her with his fingers.”

Immediately after that, she excused herself by saying that she had a meeting at the national assembly and after leaving told several people about what had happened. She felt unsafe.

When the former president was asked for a response, he said, “I deny categorically the accusations made against me,” he said. “I have never acted in a way that disrespected the will of any woman.”

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