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Mutula Kilonzo has claimed that President Uhuru Kenyatta can only make legacy if he hands over power peacefully to the president elect. Kilonzo was elected as Makueni Governor in the 2022 General Elections.


“There is a time we had a meeting on BBI in State House and I told the president that his biggest legacy is not BBI or the highways and good roads. His biggest legacy will be the day he hands over power peacefully,” said Mutula.


“Therefore, if I was Uhuru I would get out of State House and walk around like the way he was on top of his car greeting Kenyans and having nyama choma at Kenyatta Market and it will calm down everybody.” He added. 


Uhuru Kenyatta is holding the Presidential office for a moment as he waits for the swearing in of the president elect.


William Ruto was elected as the Kenya’s fifth president but his opponent Raila Odinga has filed a petition in court to challenge presidential results.

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Azimio coalition now claims that several constituencies had not handed in their results for tallying during declaration of the president elect.


Meanwhile, the swearing in of the president elect is at standstill until the High Court of Kenya makes the decision on the presidential winner.


The president elect, William Ruto on the other hand is busy planning on how his government together with Rigathi Gachagua, his Deputy President elect, will execute its functions.


President Uhuru was supporting Raila Odinga for presidency and urged Kenyans that the pair, Raila Odinga and Martha Karua, could benefit the country.


“Ninasema anayeweza kutuongoza kwa amani ni Raila Odinga na Martha Karua…Wacha kwanza Mzee atuangalilie hii kazi na labda vijana mtakuja baadaye,” Uhuru urged Mombasa County residents.

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