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The Brazil and Paris Saint German star, Neymar Junior is set to go to jail after corruption acts were found in his contract with from Santos to Barcelona. The move happened in the year 2013. Some of the people facing the accusations include the former Barcelona presidents Joseph Maria and Sandro Rosell. Neymar’s parents are also mentioned in the allegations.

Those found guilty have tried to deny the allegations but their appeal was rejected by the Spain’s High Court. Neymar will be having a two-year jail term and a fine of £8.4 m.


DIS is a Brazilian investment fund that mainly focuses on football had filled a case seven years ago that argued it was entitled 40% of Neymar’s transfer fee but received less that what they had agreed.


In addition to jail term and fine, Neymar will be banned from football for five years and pay a compensation fee of up to £126 million.


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