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Narok County Flagship Projects

In this article, we are presenting the projects identified by Narok County as having high impact in terms of improving revenue collection, increasing creation of employment and increasing the county’s competitiveness.

Health Sector

  • Universal Health Care coverage through establishment of County Health Insurance Fund (NCHIF);
  • Upgrading of Narok County referral hospital to level 5;
  • Completion of construction of 1 Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC);
  • Establish level 4 hospitals in Emurua Dikirr, Narok South, Narok East, Narok North and Narok West and Kilgoris with the objective of reducing referrals outside the county;
  • Automation of health care system;


  • Construction of abattoir at Ewaso Ng’iro to improve quality of meat products and promote the marketability of meat products;
  • Construction of a tomato processing plant in order to increase tomato profitability in the tomato industry;
  • Construction of potato processing plant in Narok North;
  • Construction of 6 dams and auxiliary structures in all 6 sub-counties;


  • Development of Narok County Water Master Plan at a cost of Ksh. 40 million;
  • Mooge Water System at Nairege Enkare at a cost of Ksh. 800 million;
  • Enayenyiyeng water project at a cost of Ksh. 13.4 billion;
  • Increase electricity connectivity from 20% to 40% at a cost of Ksh. 700 million;
  • Narok Multipurpose dam at a cost of Ksh. 3 billion;
  • Dam construction and piping at Loita and Raintiany at a cost of Ksh. 1.2 billion;
  • Narok Sewerage System – Ksh. 1.8 billion;
  • Narok One million Tree planting – Ksh. 200 million;

Roads, Public Works and Transport

  • Construction of Oloisiusiu Airstrip at a cost of Ksh. 1 million;
  • Construction of Mutenkuar Airstrip at a cost of Ksh. 1 billion to improve air transport;

Tourism and Wildlife

  • Construction of Narok Town as a resort city : Ksh. 3 billion;
  • Ksh. 100 million to operationalize Maasai Mara Management Plan;
  • Adoption of an aggressive online marketing strategies : Ksh. 250 million;
  • To spend Ksh. 25 million towards establishment of a research center at Sekenani to collect data, formulate policy on tourism and wildlife related fields;
  • Spend Ksh. 500 million on Ushanga Initiative (beadwork) in Narok Town, Talek, Kilgoris and Sekenani. This is an economic empowerment project for women and youth;

Lands, Housing and Urban Development

  • Construction of Northern and Southern passes roads: Ksh. 1.6 billion;
  • Construction of Narok Sewerage System: Ksh. 2 billion;
  • Construction of 2,000 low cost housing units to public at a cost of Ksh. 3 billion;
  • Establishment of a recreational park at Narok Town at a cost of Ksh. 10 million;
  • Flood mitigation project through construction of 7 dams at a cost of Ksh. 1.6 billion;
  • Creation of county public cemetery at Narok Town at a cost of Ksh. 100 million with an aim of reducing the number of graveyards in homes and improve disposal of corpses;

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