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Narok County will spend Ksh. 300 million on training of boda boda riders and licensing them. This is a good move considering that they can maim and kill through fatal accidents.

Narok County aims at developing a blue print for Narok Town towards making it a resort city.

Narok County will spend Ksh. 80 million to provide a befitting residences for the Governor and Deputy Governor.

 Appropriate building materials and technology

A total of Ksh. 2.1 million to train community members on use of appropriate building materials.

Office Block for County Executives. A total of Ksh. 50 million will be spent on construction of offices for the County Executive Committee members.

Resolution of land disputes

Resolution of land disputes has been allocated Ksh. 300,000. Whether this is sufficient for the task is subject to debate.

There are cases involving group ranches other areas within the county. For instance, Olengumei, Ntulele, Olosholepunyua, Nkorienito, Oloiburlukuny and Oltepesi.

This activity is expected to reduce the number of court cases and it will also increase number of people and other entities with title deeds.

Acquire land for a Cemetery

Narok County plans to acquire 100 acres of land for establishment of a cemetery at a cost of Ksh. 100 million. This will improve on the disposal of dead bodies.

Establish Food Processing Plants

At a cost of Ksh. 300 million, Narok County plans to establish 10 food processing plants in an effort to promote value addition. This will utilize locally available raw materials and create employment for the residents.

Further, two leather processing plants will be established at a cost of Ksh. 100 million. This will greatly benefit livestock farmers considering that it will create markets for their cow, goat and sheep hides.

Publish annual CIDP Status reports 

A total of Ksh. 10 million will be spent by Narok County to produce status reports under the Economic Planning Coordination Sub Programme.

An additional Ksh. 10 million will be spent on both midterm and end term evaluation of County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP).

A further Ksh. 5 million each will be spent on development of County Fiscal Strategy Paper (CFSP) and County Budget Review and Outlook Paper (CBROP).

Keep tuned in for more news on Narok development plans. 

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Sharing is Caring:

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