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Taiwan present met Nancy Pelosi where they discussed a number of important issues. 


Tsai revealed that Taiwan is committed towards working with the United States of America on issues of security on the country as well as in the Indo-Pacific region. She also vowed to deepen economic cooperation. 


Nancy Pelosi met Ms. Tsai at the presidential office where Ms Pelosi called Taiwan an “inspiration to all freedom-loving people”, adding that: “The world faces a choice between democracy and autocracy. America’s decision to preserve democracy here in Taiwan remains iron-clad.”


Taiwan said that they will do whatever it takes to “strengthen its self-defense capabilities”.


Taiwan is self-ruled, however, Beijing sees it as a breakaway territory that will eventually unite with mainland. 


“Forty three years ago, America made a promise to always stand with Taiwan… today our delegation came to Taiwan to make it unequivocally clear we will not abandon our commitment to Taiwan,” Ms Nancy Pelosi said, in reference to the Taiwan Relations Act.


The US accepts the “One China” policy on which diplomatic relationship of the two countries is based. This recognizes one Chinese government. However, USA has informal relationship with Taiwan. For instance, the US sales weapons to Taiwan to defend itself. 


In this issue there is a lot of pretense by the actors involved. First, China pretends that Taiwan is part of its territory despite the island conducting their own elections, collecting taxes, owns a military and issues passports.


On the other hand, United States of America pretends that it’s not treating Taiwan as an independent country. US sells hi-tech weapons to Taiwan. 


If China attacks Taiwan, it will face people people who are fighting for freedom. The war will be long and turn China into a pariah and pull down its economy.


Immediately the plane carrying Pelosi landed in Taiwan, reports said that the Chinese military planes were already in Taiwan air defence force on Tuesday.


After an hour of her arrival, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) started conducting a series of live-fire military drills warning ships and aircrafts not not to cross the areas affected.


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