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The Royal Diss track was titled DiggArchie. 

The Diss Track is “What you mean I can’t be a Royal?”

The diss track is sang from the view point of Archie, the son of Prince Harry and Meghan.

The song went as follows: ‘Who’s that, my man? Don’t like my nan. Dissing me cos of my tan.’


‘What do you mean that I can’t be a Royal? Got Prince Charles annoyed. Dodging calls like Floyd.’

During the explosive interview, Meghan had spoken on why Archie was not a prince.

Meanwhile Piers Morgan formerly of Good Morning Britain said he could not believe the claims of Duchess of Sussex being suicidal and further criticized her for speaking out against the British Royal family. 

These expressions by Piers Morgan ruffled feathers the wrong way and he was forced to leave Good Morning Britain. 

Munya Chawawa made a commentary on this singing “

‘Piers had to leave GMB cos Ofcom put him in a coffin. Had to Runaway like Bree, you might have seen on ITV, denying me my royalty. “

Finally, Munya Chawawa sang: 

‘And it’s peak when the family bans you, leaves you on read like Man U. I’ll miss going round in the evenings, but man can’t live in a palace when all of the food needs seasoning.’

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