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The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has temporarily suspended the Rongai MP elections after a mix-up in MPs ballot papers.


IEBC manager in Nakuru County said they are waiting for  IEBC headquarters in Nairiobi to give them further instructions.


The voters were already at the queue waiting to elect their preferred candidate before that sudden notice.

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According to the presiding officer at the station, they identified the mistake what 3am when collecting the ballot papers.

“We’re told the papers had been mixed-up with others. Those are unconfirmed reports even officials of IEBC have not told us exactly what is the problem.

” Other reports indicate the ballot papers had been taken to Kuresoi South or Kuresoi North. But those are reports I cannot independently verify as at now. I’m waiting for IEBC to give us further directions, “said the IEBC official.


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