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More Years in School make One Better

People in advanced countries are known to spend numerous decades of their life in school. There’s a very delicate balance between nurturing talent and nature.

Lack of good education is a source of misery for many people around the world. For instance, most students around the world do not dedicate enough time towards learning Mathematics. They lack efforts in that push.
Effort matters a lot in acquisition of knowledge and skills. Research have discovered that education rises one’s IQ score.

Education has been identified studies to be a consistent contributor towards raising intelligence.

For every additional year you spend in school, you IQ improves by between 1 to 5 points on IQ scale. Though this does not mean that nature does not matter.

Star economists Xavier Jaravel, Raj Chetty, Alex Bell, Nevian Petkova and John Van Reenen discovered that there are other factors other than education which matter a lot.

Invention is different from innovation and patents cannot be used as a measure of success of a particular invention. Huge gaps have been observed between the rich and the poor. Further, there is a gap between white men and other groups. This may be an explanation why white men produce more patents than blacks, women and minorities.

Human influence has a great role to play even on mathematics ability. This is why people whose parents are engineers tend to become engineers themselves. Neighborhoods also matter, this means that if you grow around teachers there is a likelihood that you will become a teacher when you grow up.

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