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The first cases of monkeypox were detected in the U.K. Now the disease has spread to other countries. 


We’re experiencing a global outbreak of monkeypox. Apart from Africa and the U.K, cases have been confirmed in the United States, Spain, Canada and Italy. 



According to health authorities in the U.k., the cases have increased to 20. On May 19 Germany announced their first case of monkeypox. 


Two cases were also detected in Belgium. According to media, both cases of monkeypox were discovered in men who had attended the same party. 


A total of 21 cases reported in Spain, 20 were discovered in Madrid and one case in Canary Islands. 


Italy has reported a total of three cases of monkeypox. 


U.K. health workers exposed to the virus have been offered smallpox vaccine. 


Most people who contact monkeypox achieve full recovery considering that it is not as deadly as smallpox. 


Monkeypox is not airborne like Covid-19 and hence does not spread easily. The virus is contract by coming into cross contact with an animal or an infected person. 


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Sharing is Caring:

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