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Isa Balado, a Spanish reporter, was covering a robbery incident on live Television when a man inappropriately touched her. 


The man seemed to touch her bottom which was inappropriate. Isa Balado confronted him and he denied the allegations. 


“Isa, forgive me for interrupting you… but did he just touch your bottom?” Nacho Abad the host asked.


She confirmed and Abad told her to put the idiot on camera. When the camera focused on him, he was shown laughing and smiling. 


“As much as you want to ask what channel we are from, do you really have to touch my bottom? I’m doing a live show and I’m working,” Ms Balado told him.


The man denied the allegations and as he walked away, he tried to tickle her head. 


Later the police reported that they had arrested a man who sexually assaulted a reporter. 


“It is machismo that makes journalists suffer sexual assaults like this, and the aggressors are unrepentant in front of the camera,” Spanish labor Minister Yolanda Díaz said. 


This is happening in the wake of a sexism row in Spain, which was triggered by a former FA President Luis Rubiales when he kissed a female soccer player on the lips during women World Camp games. 


He was criticized and finally resigned and was summoned to a court of law to face charges of coercion and sexual assault. 







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