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Lin Shu Hong is the chairman of Chang Chun Group which is a petrochemical company. It all started as Chang Chun Plastics Factory which later grew to the group that it is today.


Lin Shu-hong has a net worth of $7.1 billion. He established his company in 1949 with just a capital of $100. It seems it was easy to establish companies during those times!


In 1953, the company developed urea glue which is used for bonding water resistant plywood. This is what made Taiwan to play a critical role in the plywood industry.


His company has plants in South East Asia , Taiwan and China. He is nicknamed “The Edison of Petrochemicals”due to his inventions in the oil and gas sector.


Chung Chun Petrochemical Co Ltd was established in 1964. This became the second company in the group. The company used natural gas to manufacture methyl alcohol. All this happened at the company’s Miaoli Factory.


Dairen Chemical Corporation was established in 1979 for the production of vinyl acetate monomer. The group of companies also established several other companies through joint ventures, affiliates and subsidiaries.


Chang Chun Group has operations in China, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. They produce hundreds of products such as semiconductor chemicals, high performance industrial plastic, synthetic resin and thermosetting plastic among others.


The company has made a lot of milestones due to their large investments in Research & Development, advanced equipment and highly skilled researchers.



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