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The president of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, has been reported to have presided over North Korea’s successful hyper-sonic missile launch. According to reliable sources, this was the third hyper-sonic missile launch test.


State media stated that the missile was fired on Tuesday 11 January 2022 and it was a success. The missile is said to have made a turn before hitting its target over the sea some 1,000 kilometres away.


There is a great difference between ballistic and hyper-sonic missiles. One of the differences is that hyper-sonic missile can avoid detection for longer time as a result of its straight projectile angle and it moves closer the earth’s surface.


It should be noted that North Korea has a main goal of improving her defense capabilities.


The USA and six other countries condemned North Korea for conducting the said tests. They even issued a joint statement urging North Korea to stop its “destabilising actions” in the region. According to the news site Yonhap, South Korea initially downplayed the claims of hyper-sonic missile but later stated that the test was an “improvement” from the previous tests.


KCNA, a North Korea state media company praised the test stating that the “superior maneuverability” of the missile had been “strikingly verified through the final test-fire”.

The state media reports reveal that the glide missile had covered a 600 km (375 mile) “glide jump flight,” followed by 240 km of “corkscrew maneuvering” before hitting its target.

North Korea conducted her first hyper-sonic missile tests in September 2021.


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