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Nyamira County has an approved budget of Ksh. 6.9 billion for FY 2021/2022. As you may be aware the financial year will come to an end on June 30, 2022. That means we have just 6 months remaining.


Nyamira County is expected to receive Ksh. 5.14 billion or 74% as equitable share of revenue raised nationally. Then it aims to generated Ksh. 400 million or 5.8 percent from own sources of revenues also known as local sources of revenues.


Nyamira County had a cash balance of Ksh. 838.9 million from FY 2020/2021. The esteemed county of Nyamira also expected to receive Ksh. 563 million in the form of conditional grants.


Revenue performance Q1


During the Q1 of the year, Nyamira County received Ksh. 847 million as equitable share of revenue raised nationally. They raised Ksh. 35 million from local sources of revenues such as cess, parking fees and rents among others.


In terms of Conditional grants, Ksh. 112 million was received. During the Q1, Nyamira County had Ksh. 1.72 billion available for expenditure.


The Controller of Budget approved the withdrawals of Ksh. 786 million from the County Revenue Fund (CRF) account during the period under review. A total of Ksh. 112 million was to be spent on development and Ksh. 674 million for recurrent programmes.


Actual Expenditure


During the Q1, Nyamira County spent Ksh. 980 million on both development and recurrent. This was 124.5 percent of the funds released by the Controller of Budget. Only Ksh. 28.37 million was spent on development the rest was recurrent expenditures. So do not ask why we do not see much development going on in Nyamira.


Pending Bills


As of 30th June, 2021 Nyamira County had Ksh. 334.97 million in outstanding pending bills. As required, Nyamira County prepared a payment plan to settle the pending bills within the financial year (all of it). During Q1, Nyamira County did not report of any payments towards payment of pending bills.


In terms of economic classification, a whooping 86.1 percent of the funds were on payment of salaries and wages of county workers.


Ksh. 57.37 million was spent on domestic travel, another Ksh. 13 million was paid to MCAs as sitting allowances and Ksh. 9.17 million was spent on utilities that is payment of electric and water bills among others.


Ironically, the County Executive Office had the lowest expenditures at 11.5 percent.


Nyamira County has been observed to have a very low absorption of development funds at Ksh. 28 million in the Q1  compared to the annual development budget of Ksh. 2.4 billion. This was 1.1 percent of the annual target.


Nyamira county is also performing poorly when it comes to collection of own source of revenue. They only collected Ksh. 35 million when they have an annual projection or target of collecting Ksh. 400 million.


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