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Kenyans on Twitter have demanded for boycott of KFC outlets after making a discovery that the company imports potatoes for making French Fries. 


Kenyans are now furiously promoting the hashtag  #BoycottKFC on Twitter. 


KFC CEO, Jacques Theunissen, said that the company has initiated plans to source potatoes from local farmers in Kenya. 


However, other Kenyans thought that the #BoycottKFC is a stupid idea noting that Kenyans also import clothes and furniture among other commodities. 


A Twitter user, David Makali said that “we import most furniture in the hypermarkets and suits from Italy, Turkey, SA. Why not buy from Ramogi tailors and Victoria furniture? Flawed, malicious argument & hashtags. A business looks for the edge from wherever they obtain it, not that patriotic chieth.”


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One thought on “Kenyans call for Boycott of KFC after discovering that they import potatoes for French fries

  1. This is a serious matter affecting many sectors in the economy, as Kenyans we can do better and produce many of the products that we import. Though importing potatoes is a disaster considering that we have them here in plenty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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