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Hellen Wendy drowned while swimming in a pool in Canada as she streamed live on Facebook. 


According to her Facebook profile, Wendy was a nurse working in Ontario, Canada. She was enjoying swimming before the tragic death happened on August 18. 


“Nimetoka job, I’m feeling good,” she said moments after she went live on Facebook. 


“It’s 2 o’clock here,” she responded to viewers in the comment section. 


At 5:45 pm Wendy dived into the Swimming pool away from her recording device. After diving she would hold her face beneath the water for several seconds before swimming back to the device to read the comments from her viewers. 

She repeated this for several times until the 10th minute when she took her final dive into what seemed like the deep end of the Swimming pool.


At 10:33 minutes she began gasping for air and kicking and screaming and made vain efforts to swim away from the dangerous area. 

At 11:54 minutes she made her last sound and everything went silent. After that the camera continued rolling for another three hours before someone came around at the 3:09 hour mark. 


After another two minutes another man came along and inquired what was in the water.


‘I thought it’s a poodle or something,” the man responded. 


“What if it’s actually someone dead?” the other man asked.


He went to the other side of the pool and indeed confirmed that it was a person and went to call the caretaker of the place.


At 5:30 pm on Friday, August 19 the recorded video had an excess of 8,000 comments and 7,000 likes and has been shared over 1,400 times. 


Watch the video below….


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