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Billionaire Yasuhide Uno has a net worth of $1.13 billion. He has made most of money from Usen-Next Holdings, a company that provides payment services.


Yasuhide Uno’s company provides online content, point-of-sale for restaurants and cloud services. His father, Mototada, started the Osaka Cable Broadcasting Ltd company in 1961 sending background music to restaurants and retailers through coaxial cable. In 2000, the company name was changed to Cable Broad Networks. In 2001, the company launched the world’s first commercial optical fiber service. In 2005, they launched free video distribution service known as Gyao.


In 2016, the group entered electricity retail business. U-Power Company Ltd started business in 2022 supporting using of green electricity in business enterprises.


In 2023, U-Next merged with Paravi and became the largest paid video distribution service in Japan. Yasuhide Uno

In 1998, Uno joined the business when his father was on his death bed due to cancer and he had no choice. It is not normal to find a successor for a company in Japan. According to a survey conducted by Teikoku Databank, at least 60% of companies surveyed are yet to find a successor.


Before that he wanted to chart his own entrepreneurial journey. In 2001, it listed on Osaka Stock Exchange for startups and in 2013 moved to Tokyo Stock Exchange. The also offers streaming services and it is the biggest competitor for Netflix in Japan.


Usen-Next is made up of some 25 companies dealing with different businesses. The music cables also provide broadband internet. Store services business which includes payment terminals is the most profitable segment of the company businesses.


U-Next holdings also runs real estate, content distribution, finance, energy, communication, management and provision of music copyright.

Other businesses are:

  • Armex Co Ltd – Provides IT solutions for medical institutions, golf courses, hotels and restaurants
  • CAN System  Ltd – Provides security camera business
  • WannaEat Inc – Food license sharing service
  • USEN Techno-Serve – communication and electrical equipment construction
  • U’S Music – Music copyright services
  • USEN Business Design – Development Support Services
  • USEN Media Inc – Customer attraction support services
  • Almex System Technology Asia – Group subsidiary in Malaysia
  • USEN Next Design – BPO business
  • USEN FB Innovation – Comprehensive support for restaurants
  • U-Power Ltd – electric power business
  • USEN ICT Solutions – ICT Business
  • USEN Networks – Corporate communications
  • USEN Smart Works – Cloud business
  • Tact Inc – call center, consulting and AI
  • U-MX Ltd – Business Process Outsourcing
  • USEN Working – Talent Matching Business
  • Next Innovation – temporary staffing, foreign talent, communication business
  • USEN  Next Living Partners Ltd – Real estate business services
  • USEN Trust – Non life insurance business
  • USEN Insurance – Insurance business
  • USEN Properties – Real estate
  • USEN Next Financial – Credit card business and money lending business
  • USEN Realty – Real estate investment

For the financial year ending August 2023, U-Next generated $1.9 billion in revenues.



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