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Acharya Balkrishna is an Indian billionaire with a net worth of $3.2 billion according to Forbes. The billionaire has made most of his fortune from his consumer goods company known as Patanjali Ayurved of which he owns 97 percent. He founded the company in 2006.


Acharya Balkrishna owns majority stake in the privately owned company which he established together with Baba Ramdev. The company manufactures everything from toothpaste to shampoos.


The company sells everything from cosmetics, medicine, food products, jams, herbal tooth paste to noodles. The company has agreements with e-commerce companies such as BiBasket and Amazon to sell his products.


In 2019, he acquired the edible oils manufacturer known as Ruchi Soya. He renamed it Patanjali Foods.


Yoga Guru and spiritual leader, is the face of the company but does not own a stake in the company.


The company has a complex on 150 acres of land in Haridwar. On this complex they have established a ghee factory which has a capacity of 150 tons of ghee per day. The complex also has a yoga studio for 40,000 people. It is the biggest yoga studio in the world.


Pantanjali Foods owns 4700 retails distributions centers across India. They also sell their products online. These retail outlets are supplied by over 100 trucks owned by the company.


Pantanjali Food and Herbal Park is secured by 35 full-time armed commandos.


Acharya Balkrishna car collection


Acharya Bakrishna owns a Range Rover Sport, Land Rover Discovery and Mercedes Benz S Class.



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