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India has plans to land on the moon and if this happens without any problem, it will be the 4th country to do so. 

It’s is Russia, China and United States of America which have in the past landed on the moon. 

On April, Israel attended to land on the moon but did not succeed. 

Doordarshan National, the Indian broadcaster, is planning to live-stream the landing on the moon on Government of India Press Information Bureau YouTube Channel from 3:30 pm. 

The lander is reported to be carrying a 6 wheeled rover named Pragyan and a variety of scientific instruments. 

On land on the moon’s surface, the land is expected to conducted experiments about the moon’s seismic activity and subsequently create maps of the targeted south pole area. 

Scientists believe that the south and north pole of the moon contains water deposits in form of ice. 

“We know that there’s water there, but we don’t know very much about it — how much there is, how it got there,” said Timothy Swindle of University of University of Arizona. 

The rover and lander are expected to operate on the surface of the moon for 14 days (equivalent to 1 lunar day) but the Chandrayaan-2 orbiter will continue circling the moon for one year. 

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