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A United Kingdom Member of Parliament has revealed that he was touched regularly by senior gay MPs when he was first elected. 



Numerous stories have emerged in Westminster over alleged culture of misogyny. Chris Bryant who chairs the standards committee has come out to to reveal that at least 4 unnamed MPs targeted him in early 2000s.



The MP says that he never complained officially because he did not want to be part of the story. 



‘I remember when I came in, in 2001, I was regularly touched up by older, senior gay – they weren’t out – MPs.


‘I never felt I was able to report it because you end up being part of the story, that’s the last thing you want. I think a lot of women have been through that.’



‘I can think of four MPs… I was shocked at the time… none of them are out of course. I think that now if anybody would do that I would be absolutely robust. I would call the person out immediately and I would make a complaint.’



In Britain,  56 Members of Parliament are facing allegations of sexual misconduct including 3 members of Boris Johnson’s Cabinet. 


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