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I was fortunate to be in Kisii when we had soaring fuel prices which led to a biting shortage. 


The Energy Regulatory Authority directed that price of fuel at the pump should hover around Ksh. 146 per liter in Kisii but some petrol stations shot the price to the sky at Ksh. 192 at Tombe for example. 


A friend of mine told me that in Kitutu Masaba, the fuel pump at Tombe was the most reliable. Hence, motorists and boda boda riders would travel there from as far as Tinga and Gesima. 


It was and still it is a torture accessing fuel in many parts of Kenya. Either physically or in terms of high prices. 



on March 17, the price of petrol was Ksh. 133.70 while diesel was retailing at Ksh. as you can see in the picture above. 



May these tribulations be behind us. 


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Sharing is Caring:

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