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Bertie Charles Forbes was the Forbes Magazine Owner. He was born on 14 May, 1880 and died on May, 1956. He was a financial journalist who studied in his home country Scotland. The Forbes magazine owner started working in Scotland before proceeding to South Africa and later to the United States.

In 1901, he arrived at Johannesburg, South Africa to work for Rand Daily Mail. In 1904, he moved to New York City in the USA and wrote for Journal of Commerce. Later he joined Hearst newspapers as a columnist in 1911. He stayed there for two years before he moved on to the New York American as a financial editor up to 1916. In 1917, he founded Forbes Magazine.

The Forbes magazine founder remained the editor-in-chief until he died in 1954 while in New York City. During his final years he worked with two of his eldest sons: Malcolm Forbes and Bruce Forbes.

In 1942, Forbes founded the Investors League. After his death in 1954, his body was return to Scotland where he is buried in Aberdeenshire.

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