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Fans of Nigerian entrepreneur and fashion stylist, Toyin Lawani, have slammed her outfit which she posted on her IG page on March 29, 2021.

Fans most of them Christians went to her page to express their displeasure on how the attire screams blasphemy.

The code for actors was to dress in a church way during the premiere of the movie ‘Prophetes’ and and Toyin Lawani chose to dress like a nun while the partner dressed like Jesus.

Christians over Nigeria slammed the act more especially since it was closer to Easter Period. 

“Daughters of jezebel, repent now and give your life to Jesus Christ before it’s too late for you. You can’t mock God and expect his mercy,” one fan wrote. 

 “I’m your fan but I don’t find this picture funny. God is a merciful God,” wrote another fan. 

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