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 The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) had a lot of deals going on with Smith & Ouzman (United Kingdom). Then came the “chicken-gate scandal.”

Management and Commissioners at the local polling body were bribed by Smith & Ouzman, a UK printing firm via a local agent. This is how the British firm ended up winning several lucrative deals valued at Kshs. 192.7 million. 

Some of the people who were named in this evil ring include Davis Chirchir, James Oswago, Ken Nyaundi, Gladys Shollei and Kenneth Karani. These got a share of Sh 49.3 million from the bribery over a period of two years. The taxpayers are the ultimate people who bears the burden.

The S&O hired one Trevy James Oyombra as their local agent in 2008. This man made sure that his employer (S&O) won several contracts with the electoral body.

Previous Mr. Trevy had worked with ECK and hence he was the most suitable man for the consultancy position for the UK firm because he had insider information. He was paid Sh 6 million as consultancy fees.

The S&O firm was responsible for printing election materials for Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission  (IEBC) of Kenya. The firm inflated prices to cater for the bribes that it paid its agents. 
Mr. Trevy was able to access rival bids for S&O making easier for the multinational firm to win the contracts. 

The S&O won seven contracts to supply ballot papers during the 2010 referendum as well as Bomachoge and Shinyalu by-elections registration cards. 

The bribes were referred to as “chicken” by the S&O executives as well as their local agent.

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