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An elephant in India killed an elderly woman and later returned to her funeral to trample on her corpse. 



Maya Murmu had gone to fetch water in Raipal Village in Eastern India when the elephant suddenly came and trampled her on June 9.



The woman died later in hospital for the fatal injuries that she sustained. Inspector Lopamudra Nayak of Rasgovindpur police station confirmed this sad news. 




Later that evening, the elephant returned as the late Maya was being buried and stepped on top of her funeral pyre. 




Her body came out and the elephant trampled her again, tossed the body around and then the elephant walked off into the night.




The elephant is said to have escaped from Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary in the state of Jharkhand which is approximately 200 km away from the elderly woman’s village. 




According to news reports,  the second trampling happened in the presence of her family who had gathered to perform the last rites. The family continued with the rites after the elephant left. 



The World Wildlife Fund estimates that 100 people are killed in India every year by elephants. However, the number can be as high as 300. 


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Sharing is Caring:

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