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The Inspiring Story of Drone Billionaire Frank Wang

Frank Wang is the founder of the largest drone manufacturing company based in Shenzhen, China. This is considered to be China’s Silicon Valley. Firms get quick access to suppliers of raw materials and great talent. Frank founded SZ Dajang Innovation Technology Company Limited from a hostel room as a hobby. He was always fascinated by unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) market.

Drones. Photo credit: DJI

Frank holds a bachelors and Master’s Degree in Electronics and Computer Science from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. His education laid a firm foundation for his work in robotics or drone building. This is a high-tech field that requires a lot of technical and business competence.

Frank is a law abiding citizen who always pays his taxes when due. In 2014, his company sold 400 thousand units of his popular Phantom drones model. This generated USD$500 million for his company. Forbes reported that he made USD$120 million as profits.

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