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Here is what ‘Covfefe’ means in Samoan Language

Recently, President Donald Trump posted a tweet which had some misspelling. He meant coverage but he wrote ‘covfefe‘.

New information has emerged since the word has apparently has a meaning in the Samoan language.

The people of Samoa are very happy that the leader of a super power has used a word from their language.

This word has received global attention and coincidentally it is the week for celebration of Samoan language in New Zealand.

The Samoan language is currently spoken by over 200,000 citizens. The Samoans are so happy that at least one word from their language has been spoken by a non-native giving it a global fame.

Language experts have discovered that the word ‘covfefe’ is similar to several Samoan words.

Looking the language phonetics, Covfefe sounds like the Samoan words “ko fefe”, “ko kefe”, “ko fale”, “kafefe”, and “kou kefe.”

These combination words are explained as follows:

Ko fefe: pregnant but fearing that pregnancy

Ko fale: pregnant after having sex with a relative

Kafefe: Means “Oh my!” An expression.

Kou Kefe: Means you assholes

This shows that ‘covfefe’ is not a Samoan word but in some way “fefe” is a word used to express strength.

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