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“Musician John Legend , and his filthy mouthed wife, are talking now about how great it is..” tweeted Donald Trump referring to Criminal Justice Reform

9th September 2019

This morning the US president used derogatory language referring to John Legend and his wife. The president referred to John Legend’s wife as “filthy mouthed.” This is not the language we expected from the leader of a powerful country like the United States.  ….musician @johnlegend, and his filthy mouthed wife, are talking now about how […]

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Donald Trump Tax Evasion

‘Covfefe’ redefined in Samoan Language

6th June 2017

Here is what ‘Covfefe’ means in Samoan Language Recently, President Donald Trump posted a tweet which had some misspelling. He meant coverage but he wrote ‘covfefe‘. New information has emerged since the word has apparently has a meaning in the Samoan language. The people of Samoa are very happy that the leader of a super […]

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7th February 2017

United Nations chief Rebukes Trump over Travel Ban The United Nations chief rebukes Trump over his new travel ban for Muslims. He said that the policy is “regrettable” and a cause of confusion for many people.  That notwithstanding, Trump’s actions are supported by the house speaker.    The speaker said that the president has the responsibility […]

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Trumps should Learn American History

6th February 2017

Trump Should Learn some American History Trump is unraveling feathers not only in America but across the globe and it seems that he does not understand the American history. He is even shifting American values. Every day of the week comes with its own new decrees. On Thursday, he moved furthest from the norms by […]

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President Donald Trump’s Cabinet

16th December 2016

President-elect Mr. Donald Trump has lots of key positions to fill that will form a team to run the US presidency for the next couple of years. Romours on who will fill which position has been heard in many places. So far, Donald Trump has named 19 Americans to fill Cabinet-positions. We will keep you […]

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Effects of Trump’s 45% tariff on Chinese goods

7th December 2016

The proposed 45% tariff on Chinese goods  Donald Trump’s stand on China is well known. He blames the country for all American woes. From stated sponsored hacking, climate change to undermining of United States competitiveness. Since Trump was elected president, he has stopped blaming China for the American problems. The only action he has taken […]

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Huffington Post news headline grab

Trump Ambwaga Chini Clinton

9th November 2016

This a round-up of press headlines around the world on Trump win of the United States elections.  Enjoy reading…and do not forget to comment, share and subscribe to our news feed.                  Mashable news website accepted the fact that Trump is now the president and nothing can be […]

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Trump Apologizes for His Remarks on Women

8th October 2016

Summary of Donald Trump 2005 video: “you can do anything to women when you are a star” – Donald Trump  He boasts about his efforts to kiss and grope women “We cannot allow this man to become president” said Hillary Clinton  When Donald Trump realized that his remarks about women would destroy his chances of […]

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