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Countries in Europe are taking precautions over the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccines following concerns of blood clotting. 

So far 17 million people around the world have received the vaccine. 

Below is a list of countries pausing the use of the vaccine: 

  1. Austria – A person was diagnosed with multiple thrombosis and died 10 days later; 
  2. Estonia – Suspended AstraZeneca from the same batch (ABV5300) as those which were received by Austria; 
  3. Latvia– Temporary suspension 
  4. Luxembourg – 
  5. Lithuania 
  6. Romania 
  7. Denmark – Among the first countries to suspend all the AstraZeneca vaccinations. A 60-year old woman suffered blood clots and died after the vaccination; 
  8. Iceland 
  9. Norway 
  10. Ireland 
  11. The Netherlands 
  12. Germany –  Paul Ehrlich Institute (country’s vaccine authority) suspended the use of the AstraZeneva to allow for further investigations into the allegations of blood clotting. 
  13. France – President Emmanuel Macron said the country will stop the use of the vaccine out of precaution; 
  14. Italy – Banned all batches of AstraZeneca vaccines 
  15. Spain – suspended the use of the vaccine for at least two weeks; 
  16. Slovenia 
  17. Sweden 

European Medicines Agency (EMA) will release the findings of their investigations on Thursday. 

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