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Covid-19 cases in South Africa have passed the 200,000 mark.

South Africa is the leading country with confirmed cases in the African continent. There are currently 205,721 confirmed cases including 3,310 deaths.

Health authorities say four provinces are at risk of a surge and lockdown measures might be re-imposed to minimise the spread of the deadly virus.

The provinces include Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng and Eastern Cape.

Coronavirus cases are surging in the country and thousands of new cases are being reported daily.

The ministry of health says that a bigger surge could have been experienced if the country had not gone into lockdown.

The government of South Africa introduced one of the strictest lockdown in late March. The restrictions are being relaxed gradually.

The country is in the process of relaxing restrictions in stages with the latest being reopening schools for more students this week.

South Africa is involved in the human trials for a Coronavirus vaccine developed by Oxford University.

According to the data compiled by John Hopkins University, 11.6 Million cases have been confirmed globally with the virus claiming 538,395 lives.

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