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Recently, Bill Gates gained notoriety for having gained large tracts of agricultural land. 


Now it has emerged that China has even more land than Bill Gates but over 18 countries have more land than China. 


Over 18 other countries own more land in USA than China. 


China owns 384,000 acres of US Agricultural land. In 2021 alone, China acquired 32,000 acres of agricultural land. 


It is estimated that 109 countries own agricultural land in the USA. Canada owns 12.8 million acres and Cayman Island owns 672,000 acres of land in US. 


Below is a list of acreage of land held by other countries in the USA. 

  1. Canada (12,845,000 acres)
  2. Netherlands (4,875,000)
  3. Italy (2,703,000)
  4. United Kingdom (2,538,000)
  5. Germany (2,269,000)
  6. Portugal (1,483,000)
  7. France (1,316,000)
  8. Denmark (856,000)
  9. Luxembourg (802,000)
  10. Ireland (760,000)

Bill Gates owns 248,000 acres of agricultural land in the USA. He is effectively the largest private land owned in the United States of America. 


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