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China has been caught red-handed with digital espionage

Two Chinese hackers have been charged by the US Department of Justice. These hackers are reported to have affiliations with the Ministry of State Security in China.

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They have been attempting to hack and hence steal sensitive information from IT companies and the government of United States of America.

The two hackers are said to be part of a gang called APT10 which was responsible for attacking managed IT services companies.

This is how China is alleged to obtain sensitive trade secrets from governments and companies all over the globe.

The APT10 group has been accused of obtaining sensitive information belonging to governments and companies in 12 counties. These countries are: US, Germany, UK, Japan, UAE, Japan, Brazil, Sweden, Finland and France.

The clients who have been compromised by the leak of data include those in banking and finance, telecommunication, oil and gas, biotechnology, mining and consumer electronics.

Finally, APT10 has been reported to have hacked a total of 40 computers and accessed confidential data belonging to the US Navy.

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