China has been caught red-handed with digital espionage

22nd December 2018

China has been caught red-handed with digital espionage Two Chinese hackers have been charged by the US Department of Justice. These hackers are reported to have affiliations with the Ministry of State Security in China. Read More: 802 Million internet users in china Founding of new towns in Sweden and China They have been attempting […]

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Germany hackers

Activist Hackers Safeguard Germany Elections Computers

26th August 2017

Activist Hackers Safeguarding Germany Elections Computers  Germans are quick to learn from other people’s mistakes thanks to activist Hackers Safeguarding Germany Elections . They do not want hackers especially from Russia to interfere with their elections. As result an army of hackers have volunteered to protect their elections servers. Read More: SAMSUNG HEIR HANDED A […]

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How secure is the routers in your Home?

11th March 2017

Ever Wondered about Security of Your Routers? A router is defined as a networking device that is used for sending data between computer networks and directing traffic on the internet. Experts have warned that  the router is one of the most insecure devices in our homes. It looks humble but very vulnerable. Most of us never […]

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Jeep Cherokee.

Beware! Car Thieves have Become Hackers

9th August 2016

Gone are the days when car thieves used to by jamming a screwdriver into the ignition or cutting a few wires to switch on the car. These thieves have now graduated into a new territory. They have become hi-tech. Engadget was the first one to report this saddening news that we car owners are not […]

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cyber security

Hackers Breach Clinton’s Campaign

30th July 2016

“An analytics data program maintained by the DNC, and used by our campaign and a number of other entities, was accessed as part of the DNC hack. Our campaign computer system has been under review by outside security experts. To date, they have found no evidence that our internal systems have been compromised,” – Nick Merril, […]

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