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The Chateau Miraval is a villa in Correns, France which was owned by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie before they separated.


Jolie sold her interests to Tenute del Mondo and as a result she was dragged to court by Brad Pitt.


Jolie-Pitts purchased the home for $60 million in 2012. It is a 1,200 acres estate made up of pine forests, private lake, fountains, a moat and vineyard.


The couple improved the place by adding indoor and outdoor pools, home theater, video game room, helicopter pad and a dirty bike course. The main house features 35 rooms.


Before Jolie-Pitt, the property was owned by French Jazz pianist Jacques Loussier who purchased it in 1970.


In 1992, the property ownership was passed to Tom Bove, an American wine maker.


In 2013, Jolie and Brad Pitt launched Miraval Wines and sold 6000 bottles of wine in a record 5 hours.





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