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Vikram Lal and family have a net worth of $ 6.9 Billion. The family has made their money from manufacture and sale of motorbikes. Vikram Lal of Eicher Motors makes Royal Enfield motorbikes.


Eicher Motors operates three manufacturing facilities in India and sold an excess of 800,000 bikes in the year ending 2023. This was a 38 percent growth from the previous year.


Siddhartha, his son, stepped down as CEO in April 2019. However, he stayed on as managing director. In August 2021, shareholders protested after he proposed a salary increase.


Eicher Motors has a joint venture with Volvo of Sweden to make buses and trucks. Man Mohan Lal, Vikram’s father, founded a shop for selling tractors named Goodearth in 1948 and later partnered with Eicher to make tractors.


Royal Enfield has been in production since 1901 making it the oldest motorcycle being produced over the years without stop.



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