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Cambridge University Launches a research to investigate its links to slavery

On Tuesday, the University of Cambridge announced that it will begin an investigation into the school’s history with slavery.

The British colonial era had an impact on the University’s history. Scholarship and gifts are said to be some of the areas which were affected during the school’s history.

The university played a role in promoting slavery in a many ways. Stephen Toope, the current University Vice Chancellor has established an advisory group composing of 8 persons led by Professor Martin Millet. The other members are 2 PhD researchers based at the Center of African Studies.

Vice Chancellor, Stephen Toope further stated that there is a link between old universities in Britain and slavery and there is academic and public pressure for studies to be conducted in this area.

The advisory group is expected to present their report with recommendations on what can be done to publicly acknowledge the links of Cambridge with slavery. This report is expected to be ready by 2021.

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The research in question will be based on evidence and will be conducted in a thorough manner. Many people are predicting that just like many old institutions in Britain during the colonial era either benefited directly or indirectly. Meanwhile in Georgetown University, students voted in favor of imposing a $27.20 per student every semester as a way to recognize the 272 slaves that the University traded/ sold in the 1800s. The money collected will be given to a charitable organization for the purpose of benefiting the descendants of the said slaves.

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