The Best Economics Writers

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The Best Economics Writers

The following is a brief list of the best economics and financial writers whom I find very good for everyone.

Noah Smith 

Noah Smith is a Bloomberg View Columnist. He is very prolific in his writing on finance and economics. He also writes for his blog called Noahpinion.

Felix Salmon

Felix Salmon is a journalist with great statistical skills and he is based in America. He has set the pace on how to conduct “statistical investigative reporting.” As a result of good work he has received awards from American Statistical Association. He is thus very reliable when reporting on financial markets.

Alan Abelson

Abelson is a columnist who runs a weekly column. He does not depend on other people’s popular analysis. Instead, he reads all footnotes to financial statements and is able to see what other people are not seeing in the economy.

Barry Ritholtz

Barry is the editor at The Big Picture where he writes every day. Investors like reading his work. All his observations are data-driven and non-ideological.

Holman W. Jenkins Jr.

Holman is a columnist at the Wall Street Journal where he makes markets more accessible and finance more interesting. It is not easy to understand how Jenkins has not been awarded a Pulitzer Prize.

Amity Shlaes

Shlaes is a Bloomberg Columnist and in her writing she operates on the boundary between scholarship and the real world. She graduated with an English Major but she has written a lot in economics. Observers call her “an economics autodidact” meaning that she taught herself to read and write in economics.

Amity Shlaes writes mostly on economics and politics from a libertarian perspective. She is a specialized in economics. She presided over an economic growth project at George W. Bush President Center. She is always dedicated towards promoting better understanding among policymakers and academic specialists on how politics interact with economics to influence global affairs.

There are many more economics and finance writers out there. Share your favorite in the comments section below.

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