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BudgIT Nigeria was founded by Oluseun Onigbinde in 2011. Onigbinde is a Nigerian internet entrepreneur and and open data analyst.

BudgIT Nigeria is a great civic technology organization that operates out of Nigeria and Sierra Leone. The organization works with Civil Society Organizations, government Agencies and public.

The organization uses many different types of technologies to publicize public finance data and information. This is necessary to make it possible for the public to have a better understanding. 

Believe in Data Journalism

BudgIT Nigeria is a strong believer in the concept of data journalism. This is what led to establishment of Tracka – a project Tracking tool.

About Oluseun Onigbinde

Oluseun Onigbinde was born in 1985 in Oyo State Nigeria. He has won awards such as:

  1. The Future Awards Prize for Science and Technology Innovation. 
  2. World Summit Award 
  3. Ashoka Fellowship for Global Entrepreneurs 
  4. Knight International Journalism Fellow 
  5. International Center for Journalists 

For his primary and secondary education, he studied in Ibadan. He later attended University of Agriculture, Abeokuta for his college education. Here he studied Bachelor of Electrical Engineering. 

Corporate Arm

BudgIT Nigeria has a business arm that makes visualization for companies and agencies. This is a financial sustainability approach for the organization. 

Benefits of Open Data 

Open Data is an engine for reform and a means of propelling the economy to the next level. To illustrate to you the benefits of open data, take the case of United States. The entrepreneurial people have taken advantage of the open data to develop games, applications, visualizations and tools. 

Data Journalism 

This is a branch of journalism that employs extensive use of data to report facts. For instance, write 1,000 word articles backed with plenty of data. 

This can consume lots of energy and time but the outcome is invaluable. It’s time that our journalists embrace data drive articles not those news articles which read like propaganda. 

A number of media houses have embraced this superior strategy. New York Times, The Guardian and Vox are examples in this category. The 538 blog curated by Nate Silver is another example of media outlets that use empirical and factual data to communicate to their audiences. 

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