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Blue economy in Kenya

This is a new concept in Kenya, but it seems the national government is committed to advancing it to higher levels. Here is what the state has said about blue economy:

“On the blue economy, Kenya successfully hosted the Sustainable Blue Economy Conference in November 2018 which reflects the Government’s commitment to revamp the blue economy. Successful hosting of this Conference paved way for investment in the blue economy which is expected to create thousands of marine related jobs and support efforts to realize food and nutrition security in addition to enhancing environmental sustainability”

To support the blue economy;

“the Government created the Kenya Coast Guard Service which will guard Kenya’s territorial waters against illegal fishing at the exclusive economic zone and from criminals. The Kenya Coast Guard Service is also tasked with enforcing maritime security and safety, pollution, and sanitation measures, and prosecution of offenders. Boosted security is expected to encourage fishing in the deep sea”

Photo: Prof. Enos Njeru, Principal CHSS University of Nairobi speaking at the Blue Economy conference in Nairobi, Kenya


“the Government has submitted a fishing fleet development plan to the Ocean Tuna Commission which will see Kenya flag off vessels that will enable Kenyans to harvest fish from its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Through Public Private Partnership (PPP) the Government will develop a domestic fishing fleet by allocating fishing access rights and supporting joint venture and licensing. Further, the Government operationalized the Liwatoni Fishing Complex. All these Government efforts are geared towards expanding fishing to 231,359 metric tons from the current average of 135,100 metric tonnes.”

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