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Mose Fan Fan was born on 16 October 1945 in Democratic Republic of Congo as Mose Se Sengo. Until his death, Mose was a band-leader, guitarist and composer. He was one of the pioneers of the famous Congolese Soukous. He died on 3 May 2019 on what is alleged to be a heart attack. He worked for TPOK Jazz band of Franco. He had joined this band back in 1968.

In the late 1970s he formed his own band named Somo Somo. The name of the band means Double Trouble.  The band performed using Lingala language. The main destinations for performance outside Congo was Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia.

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In 1980s Fan Fan and his team moved to England where he also started performing in English. Later in 1990s he joined Bana OK which was formed as a tribute to Legendary Franco Luambo Makiadi.  

Starting from 2000 to present “Fan Fan” has adopted Acoustic Rumba style which is the roots where their music started from. He was a resident of London until recently.

Mose Fan Fan died on 3May 2019 while he was on a recording tour in Nairobi City, Kenya. He may have died of heart failure. As at the time of his death, he was staying at an apartment along Thika Superhighway. After collapsing at his apartment he was rushed to Kasarani Hospital in Nairobi. On arrival he was declared dead.

Tabu Osusa, served as Mose Fan Fan’s producer. He was recording new music alongside Nairobi-based vocalists such as Disco Longwa and Paddy Makani.

Mose Fan Fan has great love for Nairobi Kenya which he has been visiting consistently since 2016.

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