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A Belgian prince has contracted coronavirus after attending a party during lockdown in Spain, the BBC reports.

Prince Joachim, 28, travelled to Spain on May 26 for an internship, the country’s royal palace said.

On May 28, he attended a party in Cordoba in Andalusia, Southern part of Spain before testing positive for the virus.

Reports in Spain suggest that 27 people attended the party. Prince Joachim, a nephew of Belgium’s King Philippe, was among the 27.

Gatherings of more than 15 people are banned in Cordoba as part of the measures to control the spread of coronavirus.

Police in Spain have already launched investigations into the party. All those found to have breached the regulations will be fined up to €10,000.

All those who attended the party are in quarantine. Prince Joachim is said to have mild symptoms of Covid-19.

The party was discovered by Spanish newspaper El Confidencial, which cited a document from the Andalucian authorities but did not name the prince.

Spain started easing lockdown restrictions this month.

More than 239,000 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Spain with the virus claiming 27, 125 lives.

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