Several reports on the ban on electronics have indicated that travelers from Middle Eastern and African countries will not be allowed to check in any gadgets bigger than mobile phones.

Passengers will be required put all their kindles, laptops and other portable gadgets into their baggage for many years to come.

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Effective date

This new ban on electronics started yesterday (21st March, 2017). The ban on electronics is real. A total of 10 airports in 8 Muslim Countries are affected.

Who is affected?

Currently, there is a lot of confusion on which countries are affected by this ban on electronics by the United States. The affected airlines and countries have not been listed.  


It’s also unclear for how long the ban will be in place. It’s strange that TSA has not provided reasons for these actions. It may be due to what the US sees as an imminent terror threat.

Way forward

The ban on electronics complicates matters because a large number of airlines do not allow checking into the cargo any devices powered by lithium-ion battery. This either means that passengers flying into the US will be allowed to check in their electronics as cargo or they will have to travel without the devices.

We will keep this post on ban on electronics updated as we get more information.

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