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The Pokot people were/are organized around clans with a total of  30 clans in Pokot society. 


Marriage ceremonies in Pokot Community are/were always colorful and they are punctuated with plenty of food, drinks, singing as well as dancing. 


Among the Pokot People, a man could marry limitless number of wives but this practice was subject to the ability of the man to pay dowry. 


Photo: I discovered that staying with goats in the same house is not a new phenomenon in many African communities. It existed even before the colonial period. Most traditional houses were divided into two with one section sheltering calves, goats and sheep.



Photo 2: We visited the Kapenguria Museum and one of the interesting sections was the Agricultural Pokot home stead section. However, we noted that Pokot men just built huts for their wives but there was no “simba” for the man. This means that the man rotated from one hut to the other with each wife having her turn to host the husband. 
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