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US Senator-Elect Tim Scott. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Tim Scott said the following after winning the South Carolina seat:

I think it speaks volumes for South Carolina and the progress we have made in the state.

Tim was first appointed by Gov. Nikki Haley as a replacement for Sen. Jim DeMint who had resigned. Tim Scott decided to vie for the seat which he won by 55 per cent of all votes cast.He attracted 88 per cent white votes and just 10 per cent of black votes.

Senator Tim Scott was brought up in poverty by a single parent in South Carolina.He attended the Presbyterian College between 1983 and 1984. He attended that college on a football scholarship. In 1998 he graduated with a B.S degree in Political Science from Charleston South University.

He is expected to push for conservative principles in the United States senate. 
Senator Tim first entered the US senate on January, 2013. He believes that success is made in workplaces and educational institutions around the country as opposed to political boardrooms in Washington DC.

Starting from 2011 to 2013, Tim served as a member of US House of Representatives. He sat in the House Rules Committee which is very influential. 

He served as a House Whip and Chairman of Freshman Caucus. He was a partner of Pathway Real Estate and owned Tim Scott Allstate.

Mia Love, Utah House of Representatives

Mia Love. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Elsewhere in Utah a 38 year-old female, Love was elected into the house of representative. She is a daughter to Haitian immigrants. She won 50 per cent of all votes cast. 
In addition to Tim and Love, three other African-American women from the Democratic Party were elected to the house of representatives. 

Alma Adams, North Carolina House of Representatives

Alma Adams. Source: Wikimedia Commons

These are Alma Adams in North Carolina,Brenda Lawrence from Michigan and Bonnie Watson of New Jersey. These three will join other 15 women Democrats. 

Senator Cory Booker, New Jersey

Cory Booker at Time 100 gala. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Another black democrat was elected in New Jersey. This is the former Newark mayor named Cory Booker.
Booker was born in 1969 in Washington Dc and later brought up in New Jersey. He was elected as a U.S. junior senator for New Jersey. 
He earned a Bachelors in Political Science and later a Masters in Sociology from Stanford and proceeded to Oxford for a Rhodes Scholarship.  Later on he earned a Juris Doctorate from Yale University. 
He fought to reduce crime during his term as mayor. 
Being a senior Democrat in New Jersey, he ran for a seat in U.S. Senate to succeed Frank Lautenberg who died while in office. He made history by becoming the first black senator from New Jersey after contesting the regular election in 2014. 

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