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A woman in her late 20s in Illinois is alleged to have killed a man in a love triangle conflict according the concerned authorities. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that Claudia Resendiz-Florez was staying with James Jones and his girlfriend (her friends) at their home in the city of Rolling Meadows when this happened on Thursday night of October.


Cook County prosecutors stated that the three people were drinking together when Resendiz-Florez allegedly demanded for a kiss from Jones which he declined considering that he had a girlfriend who was sitting next to him. Instead Jones kissed his girlfriend right in front of Resendiz-Florez. This action made her envious, she also asked Jones’ girlfriend for a kiss, she refused too.


According to the prosecutors, Resendiz-Florez was enraged and grabbed Jones’ gun that he had tucked between two couch cushions and aimed it at him. She removed the safety off and put her fingers on the trigger and the gun went off hitting Jones once on the chest.


His girlfriend called 911 and police arrived at the scene and Resendiz-Flores is said to have admitted shooting Jones. She was charged with first-degree murder and the next hearing will be on October 19.


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