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Former Gambian president Yahya Jammeh sued for Bogus Aids cure

“Jammeh sent shock-waves across the world when he announced that he had a cure for Aids. The treatment involved months of confinement, during which his victims were forced to drink herbal concoctions.” – the

Now three of his victims have dragged to court seeking compensation for the harm caused by the bogus cure.

The advocacy group, Aids Free World is representing the plaintiffs in the case filed in Gambia.

The advocacy group believes that the case will do a lot in advancing human rights protection in The Gambia where HIV/AIDs patients are in most cases marginalized and stigmatized.

Jammeh served as President of The Gambia between 1994 and 2017 when he lost the seat to the Adama Barrow. At first Jammeh refused to leave power but later stepped down and ran to exile in Equatorial Guinea.

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