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A spot check on preference of 4×4 cars on Kenyan roads indicate that they are not many.



What do I mean? In terms of cars, it is the bigger cars such as Prados and some pick-ups which are 4WD. 





However, I’ve to put a caveat that this depends on where you are on Kenya. This is because in places like Lodwar most vehicles are 4WD. 



They prefer these 4WD vehicles because of the terrain. Roads are rough and unforgiving. Hence, there are many land cruisers plying the roads of such places. The same is the case in Wajir, Garissa, Mandera and Isiolo. 


4WD vehicles are also commonly used by the tour companies. The terrain of national reserves and game parks require cars vehicles with off-road capabilities. 


That is why you see Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series and other 4WD vehicles serving as tourist vehicles. 


The public service vehicles (psvs) used in the matatu industry in Kenya are mostly 2WD. I’ve never come across any vehicle that is 4WD. However, there might be a few of them out there. 


In terms of cargo transport, many companies prefer trucks which are 2WD citing lower maintainance costs. 


Most double cabin pick-ups are 4WD and some single cabs such as Isuzu Dmaxand Toyota Hilux are 4WD too. 


I was surprised to learn that there are also some small cars which are 4WD. A friend of mine told me that every model of a car has its 4WD version. I’m yet to confirm this statement.


I learnt that many people avoid 4WD vehicles because of maintainance costs in terms of faster wear and tear of tires and extra expenses in maintainance of 4WD features on your car. 


A friend of mine who is savvy with 4*4 vehicles told me that the best option is to purchase a diesel 4*4 vehicle whose 4WD features can be manual selected and not automatic detection to avoid some of the negative impacts of 4WD vehicles. 


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